Anatomy of a #fail

I was on Facebook. It was the day after it went public and everybody on the inside became gazillionaires. I saw this "trending" story:

I clicked.

I muttered something under my breath and clicked "cancel."

Holy crap. So I went to Google News. Nothing about a plane crash.

So I ran a search.

The second item seemed to be what I was looking for. Wait, it's from May 1?


No, it's not from May 1. It's from Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011.

OK, at least there were some sparks.


I'm still awaiting FB to give ability for finite permissions. An app can request whatever permissions they'd like and if you don't accept everything you aren't allowed access at all. So for instance I want to use an app but don't want it to post to my wall for me I'm now not allowed to use it.