Porter blasts 'cookie-cutter thinking,' shovelware

Tim Porter takes a look at the remains of Knight-Ridder Digital and fires an early torpedo toward a rumored Bay Area megasite:

"Whatever happens eventually, the first inklings of what's to come from the MediaNews-Hearst partnership look disastrous: An idea to create a website built on the combined products of the Chronicle, the Mercury News and Singleton's other local papers like the Oakland Tribune. ...

FZ remixes Web 2.0 ideas into a sports metasite

This afternoon at Morris DigitalWorks, where I do my day job, we're launching a Web 2.0 social filter metasite about pro and collegiate sports. I alluded to this project last week. is a remix of some current cutting-edge ideas combined with a niche topical focus. You'll recognize some of the ideas from Newsvine, Digg,, and from various RSS readers and aggregators.

The year of the great unification

This is the year of the great reunification. Throughout the newspaper industry, the Internet and print people are being bound together into one organization. It is dangerous, but I'm pushing hard for it.

It's dangerous because we could lose any ability to innovate, especially in the area of content. Clayton Christensen has documented how successful organizations fail because they kill innovation. It's not that people are bad or stupid -- the organizations strangle on their own history of success.