Going after local advertisers with self-serve video

Tossed casually into a meandering media story in Sunday morning's New York Times is a reference to Spot Runner, a significant new Web-based ad service -- it's in beta -- that lets small businesses schedule local video advertising on cable/broadcast systems.

Second-guessing washingtonpost.com's Jim Brady

Jim Brady's decision to shut off comments on the "post.blog" is being second-guessed all over the Web, and I suppose I should join in ... after first acknowledging Jay Rosen's typically excellent, thoughtful essay on the subject that includes an interview with Brady. Read it before you read anything I have to say.

Are your Internet search records public?

Big Brother wants to know what you've been searching for on the Internet, and has asked Google for the records. Google, to its credit, isn't handing them over without a fight.

As for those search records ... everybody knows (thanks to the Avenue Q Broadway musical) "the Internet is for porn." Go ahead and click, it won't bite.

Deadly boring institutional local news

I missed this last week, and maybe you did, too. Tim Porter dissects local reporting in local newspapers:

Deconstructing the newspaper

Jeff Jarvis continues his series on "new news" with a strong foundational post on what needs to be done with the old crushed-tree product. It's a thorough rundown of the basics. My only issues with it are:
  • It doesn't go far enough.

Google radio?

For the life of me I can't figure out what AdSense would look like on a radio station, but Cnet is reporting that Google has bought DMarc in a deal that starts out at $102 million but could cost as much as $1.13 billion, depending on performance. DMarc's lines of business include station automation and station business processes, and a 500-station ad network.

Google's disruptively low-end video service

Like a lot of people, I've been trying to puzzle out Google Video, which launched a week ago to a chorus of boos from reviewers. Apparently they were looking for iTunes-the-next-generation.