One more reason why feds won't bail out newspapers

Newsosaur Alan Mutter lists a series of reasons why newspapers won't see any of the bailout money that's being passed around by the Treasury. Here's one more: Diversity in media ownership is one of the incoming Obama administration's agenda items, and consolidation of ownership -- generally funded by heavy borrowing -- is very much a part of the newspaper industry's problem. New-media folk don't like to admit it, but it's not all about the Internet. We have an ownership crisis.


I was thinking of the same headline when first hearing of the automotive bailout. Let Chrysler and Dodge die! Their products having been failing for years! GM needs to wake up and take the "green" pill. Newspapers, we'll survive, but when this economy recovers, and it will, I think we'll find the Internet will be taking a deeper cut of marketing share dollar pie than we ever imagined.