Slate's ill-informed pageview whoring

Isn't Slate supposed to be above the level of "random Internet troll?" One wonders after reading the anti-Drupal rant by Slate Washington correspondent Chris Wilson, who first claims to explain "Why running the White House Web site on Drupal is a political disaster waiting to happen," then fails to do so. Wilson's complaints about Drupal are universally wrong in fact, but the kicker is that he finishes up with this quip:

"As a cautionary tale, the administrators might look to, which is devoted to tracking stimulus spending. The site originally used Drupal but soon hired a private contractor—at a reported cost of $18 million—to rework the site. Perhaps the White House site's administrators have learned from their colleagues' mistakes."

Perhaps a smart reporter could find out where that money went, and why, and just who has what political connections, instead of tossing off a sloppy bit of pageview whoring and calling it a day.


Slate uses Drupal for its blogs, right? This page is calling drupal.js, doesn't that mean it's a drupal blog?


Steve, Here's a Drupal (and Django and Word Press) assessment that you may find less loaded: It's by the webmaster at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.