Postjudice about Fox "News"

A commenter accuses me of "political prejudice" against Fox "News." I think a better word is postjudice. My scorn is not free. Fox has earned it.

And repeatedly so. Here's a clip in which Jon Stewart shows yet another case of Fox spreading a lie, in this case by editing a video of President Obama to suggest he was saying something completely different from what he actually said.

It's not just Fox in collusion with slimeball Andrew Breitbart; it's an institutional ... value? What's the word for the opposite of "value?" Because "value" and "Fox" do not belong in the same sentence.

If you're reading this on Facebook or some other place that's not my blog, you can click through to my blog to view the video.


On the anniversary of September 11th you write a piece on how Americans are divided and how we have lost the feeling of unity that all of us felt after the events of that day. The loss of civility is real and you pick a Jon Stewart clip to say "SEE! SEE! I was right, Fox News does spread lies!" Come on man, you seem like a pretty smart guy....we can all pick a piece to prove our point of view. The right says Obama is bankrupting the country (which he is) and the left says Bush started the war In Iraq on the false premise of weapons of mass distruction (which he did). Until you open up to the "other 50%" and realize that you & everyone that thinks like you doesn't have all the answers, we won't be able to have a meaningful discussion on how to move the country forward.