Calais tagging goes live

After some behind-the-scenes testing on newspaper content and newspaper blogs, I've added OpenCalais tagging to my blog to see how it does in a live setting. 

OpenCalais is a free service of Thompson Reuters that scans unstructured (text) content and extracts named entities (people, places things), facts, and events. This can be used to support the so-called "semantic Web," leading eventually to smart applications that do our research for us.

The OpenCalais project has released quite a bit of supporting software, including a Drupal module that I'm using.

The immediate result is that the number of tags on my blog postings is going to grow rapidly. One of the things I want to understand better is how those tags can be used to generate smart "related items" links on websites.


Steve: Tom Tague from Calais here. Good to see that you've implemented the Calais modules on your blog. Just a note to ask you (and any other users) to be vocal in your feedback. We're trying to learn what the community is looking for - and comments, observations, criticisms and an occasional job well done are all appreciated. Jump on the forums at or fire off an email to Regards,