Flocking together

At dinner the other night in Cambridge several of my Mizzou buds were gushing about Flock, the "social browser" built on the Firefox platform. I played around with Flock in a very early state when one of the Drupal developers got me a pass to the private test, but I had pretty much forgotten about it.

So I've added the beta Flock 2 with Firefox 3 inside to my browser collection. It aims to be a Bloomberg terminal for modern life, integrating all your social networks, media sharing sites and news sources into a fairly seamless. This is beyond "Daily Me." It's up-to-the-second "Me and My Tribe." And it aims to hide all of the geekish details and buzzwords like "RSS" and "Atom." I can post directly to my blog through Drupal's XML-RPC interface, and Flock figured that out for me without asking for anything more than my blog's address and my username/password. Slick.

The jury is still out on whether I really want a Bloomberg terminal for my life. My brain often asks me to turn off all the multitasking. We'll see how this works out.
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