LA Times: The sleeper awakens

A few weeks ago the word was that the Los Angeles Times' "Manhattan project" (renamed "Spring Street") report had disappeared into the bureaucracy, never to be seen again. But it resurfaced today full of fury in a major shakeup outlined by Staci Kramer at This is a big deal, and is especially remarkable considering the conditions under which it's happening. Ordinarily, when a company is on the auction block, paralysis ensues -- not radical change.

I've written about the Los Angeles Times previously. It is the poster child for the endangered metro newspaper, and it's significant that Rob Barrett, who "wanted to go hyperlocal," has come out on top. Our Bluffton Today was one of the case studies examined by Times reporters in their research. Can the Times be a newspaper of national stature and a family of hyperlocal, personally relevant products? This is going to be interesting.