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When local newspapers aren't local

The badly flawed Shorenstein report arguing that local newspapers are the most seriously threatened by the Internet already has been properly shredded by Jeff Jarvis, but there's another angle that strikes me: sloppy use of the word "local."

I believe that "local" is a powerful asset, not a liability, and that the Shorenstein report has tripped over a lack of precision in the use of that word.

Reacting to Neil Henry

Jay Rosen's Twilight of the Curmudgeon Class deserves linkage just for the delightful title, but also for his synthesis of viewpoints and reactions to Neil Henry's recent "you kids get off my lawn" op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

How the iPhone threatens newspapers

Journalists are chronically confused about why people read newspapers. As Clayton Christensen has pointed out, the best way to understand product-market relationships is this: People don't buy products; they hire products to get specific jobs done.