Pew documents the power of participation

In a recent report on Web 2.0, the Pew Internet & American Life project documents the performance of three participatory websites against their more conventional counterparts: Photobucket vs. Kodakgallery, Wikipedia vs. Encarta, Myspace vs. Geocities. The comparisons are compelling. I'll skip the thousand words and just pass along the pictures:


Steve: could we have the link to the Pew study? thanks :-)

Good catch. Linked now. Thanks.

I found something similar in August using the much less scientific Alexa. post here

I just linked to this post.

... for presentations.

In marketing terminology, it used to be called "viral marketing". Now it is called "participation". I'm going to backlink to this post, your stats say a thousand words. People like to be engaged and be a part of the online communities they 'participate' in. I'm building such local websites in my local communities, and