Pulitzers still stuck in a bygone era

E&P's Joe Strupp has a wrapup of how online components figured in the Pulitzer Prizes announced yesterday. While online elements were included in many of the winning entries, they were limited to text and still photographs -- no audio, no video, no interaction.

Strupp quoted Sig Gissler, prize administrator: "There are others to consider down the road," Gissler noted. "We will be making other change as circumstances change."

Circumstances changed last century.

Notable among the winners is opinion columnist Nick Kristof of the New York Times, who has been doing extraordinary, powerful and creative work with audio and video for several years now.

The Pulitzers are caught between worlds. In the old world, a newspaper clearly was ink on dead wood. Television could be kept at arm's length. But the new world has arrived. Perhaps it's time to focus on the journalism, not on the medium.