Time flies

Time flies when you're busy.

Since my last blog post, I've been through more than a few changes:

  • Leaving the Savannah Morning News to return to a corporate role as director of publishing systems, responsible for print as well as digital.
  • Launching new websites from Florida to Alaska. Ending up in Alaska in January and February. If you ever get a chance to do that, take it -- but "bring warm clothes."
  • Replacing newsroom CMS and print layout/design production systems in 11 daily newspapers (saving tens of thousands of dollars per month). Ah, InDesign, I barely knew ye. But now I do. Right down to your crazy-hidden bounding-box settings.
  • Spinning up a project to move to yet another platform -- and then dropping it, as Morris Publishing Group newspapers were sold.

Sold! The company I joined in 2001 effectively is gone. 

And then came six months of untangling Morris assets from GateHouse assets -- not as easy as you might think. Part of it has been like cleaning out a late relative's house. Imagine that it's a really, really big house with rooms long ago forgotten. 

All that is almost completed. What comes next? That'll become clear soon.