Responding to mobile trends

A couple of recent (re)launches that address the continuing growth of mobile Internet usage:

Business in Savannah got a shiny new responsive design last month. Chris White wrote about it. The BiS brand is used for the daily business coverage of the Savannah Morning News as well as a separate monthly business magazine.

Jasper County Sun Times launches this week, a merger of the weekly Jasper County Sun in Ridgeland, SC, with Hardeeville Today (nee Times).

BiS is a Drupal 7 upgrade from an earlier Drupal 6 site. Jasper's aging site was Drupal 5.

It's fashionable in some circles to diss responsive Web design. I'm firmly in the camp of "just get out of my way and let me read the story." As a consumer, I don't want to be sent off to a separate mobile website, or harangued about downloading an app. The Bootstrap-based design framework of BiS and Jasper Sun Times displays reasonably well on desktop, tablet and contemporary mobile devices. Nothing fancy. It just works.