48 million content creators

The latest from Pew: 48 million Americans have posted content to the Internet. The majority of them are broadband users, and broadband penetration jumped by 40 percent between March 2005 and March 2006. Significantly, broadband penetration in households with income between $40,000 and $50,000 grew by 68 percent.

Editors, please listen. If you're not rethinking your entire content strategy around participative principles, you're placing your future at risk.

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XML-tagging the news

Writing for XML.com, Adrian Holovaty proposes adding XML tags to news content to facilitate automated transformations, fixing such things as date/time references.

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Raising the moss curtain on a participative website

Awhile back I mentioned a project that we had in the works. The curtain has been lifted, partially, with the "preview" launch at new.savannahnow.com of an all-new community website associated with the Savannah Morning News. In a matter of weeks, the site will be completed and will replace www.savannahnow.com.

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Power-hungry telecoms learn the art of astroturfing

Writing for PBS, Mark Glaser examines just who's been posting pro-telecom comments on his weblog item titled "Should the government regulate Net neutrality?"

I don't know anybody who has warm, fuzzy feelings for their telephone and cable TV providers, so naturally my bullshit detector goes on red alert whenever I see "citizens" going to bat for them.

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Megatrends, megachallenges

I've been noodling on a list of megatrends that present megachallenges for newspapers. What am I missing?

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Holovaty's commencement speech

Adrian Holovaty delivered the commencement speech at the University of Missouri School of Journalism last week, and he's posted it on his blog.

He delivers the "plain truth as a friendly kick in the pants as you walk out the door," and warns the J-grads that they're entering a troubled business: "Rarely is an entire industry in a position such that it needs to completely reinvent itself."

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The war on social networking

Declan McCullagh of cnet reports that a group of Republicans want to ban school and library access to social networking sites by minors.

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